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E44 Ventures strives to eliminate the negative impact of carbon on our peoples and planet. By investing in quantum-leap technologies and outstanding people we dare to make a difference. We believe in swift, decisive, immediate action within the perspective of generational scale impact.


Our trailblazing team has already changed the world and we intend to do it again. Through personal, hands-on mentorship we ensure our businesses have everything they need to succeed, every step of the way.

Sharon Shacham

PhD, MBA | Managing Partner

Prof. Waxman is one of the world’s leading theoretical astrophysicists exploring ultra-high energy cosmic rays and neutrinos, and the explosions of massive stars.

Being the Chair of the Dept. of Particle Physics & Astrophysics at the Weizmann Institute of Science and former Chief Scientist of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission, Prof. Waxman constructed a leading theory for the origin of ultra-high energy cosmic rays, a significant driver for the construction of giant neutrino detectors. He is the leader of an Israeli-American-German space mission, ULTRASAT, that will revolutionize our ability to study explosive events in the universe and enable us to answer fundamental open questions regarding the origin of the heavy elements and the explosion mechanisms of massive stars.

Prof. Eli Waxman

Scientific Partner

Prof. Bar Joseph is a pioneer in the field of nanophysics and electro-optics of semiconductors, exploring new technologies that will shape life in the future.

His research is advancing the understanding of the quantum nature of electron behavior and interactions in ultra-small semiconductors and metals. He is the former VP and Dean of Education of the Weizmann Institute of Science, and current Chair of the Dept. of Condensed Matter Physics. In addition, Prof Bar Joseph served on the board of Yeda, Weizmann’s tech transfer arm, and was the chairman of the board of the Society for Protection of Nature.

Prof. Israel Bar Joseph

Scientific Partner

Dr. Netzer is one of Israel’s most senior critical-industry executives, with decades of experience building deep-tech organizations influencing national security and infrastructure.

Dr. Netzer is the former Director General of Negev Nuclear Research Center and Head of R&D Israel Atomic Energy Commission. He served as a Senior VP at Rafael and CEO of Orbit Satellite Systems before fulfilling his current role as chairman of Rotem Industries.

Dr. Udi Netzer

Scientific Partner

Dare Today,
Make a Difference Tomorrow


E is for Eliminate, 44 is the molar mass of Carbon Dioxide in g/mol, the focus of our mission.

A deep science discovery or technological development that has unequivocally unique IP,  or the potential to influence multiple industrial fields and scientific disciplines. It may solve major challenges  related to climate tech, unlocking growth and further research. 

E44 Ventures invests in early stage ventures, pre-seed/seed, ideally as the institutional investor.

Definitely! We are looking for early stage scientific breakthroughs, ideas or business challenges – send your idea to greatideas@e44ventures.earth and we’ll get back to you.

E44 Ventures invests mainly in Europe and Israel, however, we are always prioritizing the excellence of the ventures over their location.

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